This is Andy.

Andy is the guy in charge around here. He named the company after himself because he wanted to show that he’s personally responsible for the quality of work we deliver. 

Andy has over 20 years experience of delivering top-shelf solutions to difficult business problems. He’s worked across many different industries, including Financial Services, Technology, Energy, Tobacco, Public Sector and Professional Services.

His love of problem solving began at 7 years old with a Commodore 64 given to him by his parents. 

“I was a terrible football player. While the rest of the lads were kicking the living daylight out of each other in the park, I set about teaching myself to code. Of course, we had no internet, or even a modem, so the only real-world solutions I could fix involved cataloging my Star Wars figures and alphabetising my dad’s record collection.”

Since then Andy has, thankfully, escaped the confines of his parents’ box room and delivered countless business transformation programmes for some of the world’s best known organisations. He has led large teams of consultants, managed the expectations of C-level stakeholders and advised senior executives, recent graduates and middle-managers across 4 continents. 

Outside of work, Andy plays guitar and tries to spend as much time as possible with people who like to laugh. He and his wife are very much looking forward to the imminent birth of their first child.

Andy is definitely the kind of person you want on your team. To find out how to make this happen, call 0203 858 0648 or email him directly at