It starts with

a coffee...


First meeting

We like to start things off with a conversation. It shouldn't take long. We know your time is valuable and the last thing we expect you to do is to spend days documenting your requirements only to discover that we're not a good fit for each other.

During the initial meeting, we'll guide you through the steps we need to take to understand your business and how we can help. This is where we both decide if we want to move forward. If we can't help, or if we know there are other teams who can help you more, we'll tell you. There's no commitment on your side and you won't receive an invoice. We'll even pay for the coffee.

Initial Consultation

Once you've decided that we are the right people for the job, we'll schedule an initial consultation. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on your requirements.

During this consultation, we'll perform a deep investigation into your issues. We'll talk with relevant people in your organisation and we'll produce a high-level approach showing how we can work together to deliver the most valuable solutions.

Our initial consultation is a self-contained piece of work. If you decide at this point that the solution is not for you, there's no commitment to proceed any further. You're welcome to postpone any further engagement until you're ready or end the engagement completely.

Of course, we're sure that our proposal will exceed your expectations and you'll be eager to proceed.

Solution Delivery

When you've given our proposal the green light, we won't waste any time. All of our recommended solutions come with a detailed day-one task list and a short list of pre-requisites for you to complete so that we can hit the ground running.

We aim to implement your solution in short blocks, each lasting no longer than 5 weeks. This means that your organisation can start to realise the value of our work as soon as possible and without having to wait until the entire roadmap has been completed.

During the delivery, we'll ensure your stakeholders are kept continually appraised with our real-time dashboards. All the information they need to make decisions will be presented in a clear format, available at any time so that no-one is left waiting for weekly status meetings.

More information

To find out more about how we work, feel free to get in contact with us. Call 0203 858 0648 or email